Who we are

AB&COM S.r.l. is headquartered in Monza and has developed an high quality service which allows to facilitate all that kind of process that positively affect on the competition and the Industrial Development.
Through the existing situation monitoring, we build alliance of local, national and international level to promote the decisional process between the stakeholders, in the Public and Private relationships;
Our system of values is oriented in this way:
Communication, Territorial Marketing, Project Financing.
Environmental Monitoring, Quality and Safety Sytstems
Selling development for those companies already on the targeted markets, interested in expand theirselves in new areas or sectors.
We are present on the following Countries
In Italy, in particular: Monza and Brianza, Tuscany, Marche, Apulia, Calabria and Sicily.
In Foreign Country, in particular: South Europe, Balkans, East Europe, Caribbean Country and Africa.